The Secret to Staying Skinny? Staying Single.

An article came out recently from with six “shocking” things that can lead to weight-gain. Naturally, I clicked on it immediately… I MUST KNOW! What are these things I should avoid? Am I one misstep away from waddling through life?

Thanks to the Marie Claire team and their research, we have learned that the six things to avoid if you want to stay svelte this summer and beyond are…

1. Excessive Internet Use – Damn! zero-for-one. Who hasn’t been there, though? Eyes burning, fingertips covered in Sour Patch sugar, but you just can’t.stop.browsing… There’s so much information out there and I want it all!

2. Your Roommate’s Behavior – Unfortunately for my roommate, errr boyfriend, I’m the bad influence in our house. Conversations that start with “No, don’t go to the gym. Don’t leave me!” or “Let’s get ice cream! If we walk to get it, it won’t seem as bad” are commonplace for us.

3. Secondhand Smoke – Thankfully can’t relate to this one, but the fact that people still smoke cigarettes is utterly mind-boggling. But that’s a blog post for another day…

4. Vitamin D Deficiency – No worries here, I get plenty of sun 🙂 (that’s totally what this means, right?).

5. Recreating TV and Pinterest Recipes – Cookie in a mug… ‘nuff said.

hillary tues
Image source Pinterest

6. Happy Relationships – And here’s the kicker! Ladies (and gents) who already nabbed someone to call their own, aren’t out on a Friday night flaunting it in the club… They are home with the poor shmuck they nabbed, eating pizza and watching Netflix. Luckily for us coupled folk, love is blind.

hillary tues 2
Image source Pinterest

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