My Guilty Pleasure – What’s Yours?

The Skinny WebsiteEveryone has a website that is their guilty pleasure – I admit to frequently reading Bar Stool Sports, Perez Hilton and Bricks & Stones, but my all time favorite guilty pleasure is The Skinny Website. I know what you’re thinking and NO, it’s not some pro-ana website or anything like that. It’s a gossip blog tracking the Hollywood weight obsession which – come on – we all find extremely entertaining. The best part of the blog is that it only features pictures with short captions like “I think she looks gorgeous as usual, plus has great legs! What do you all think?” On occasion the writer does sound a little psychotic and may very well have an eating disorder herself but that doesn’t stop me – they post great photos and I don’t have to read silly commentary. Take my word—for anyone with an obsession for celebrity gossip, after one visit I can almost guarantee you will be hooked.

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