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The “Suite”-est Thing Since Sliced Bread marlo marketing

The “Suite”-est Thing Since Sliced Bread

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Let’s get this bread.

In honor of “National Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day” on January 17th (yes – that’s a real holiday), baked up a special “Bread & Breakfast” hotel room at the Refinery Hotel in NYC. Yep – this hotel package is anti-resolution, encouraging guests to pack their stretchy pants and celebrate all things carbs!

Labeled “the ultimate retreat from your keto commitments,” the immersive experience is truly butter than the rest. The room is styled with a massive “bread”-board, custom pillows in all your favorite carb forms and a baguette lamp while complete with a personal toaster and a pair of your very own baguette slippers. Not to mention, all guests are given a $100 credit to enjoy the all-carb room service menu, featuring everything from fancy rigatoni to down-and-dirty French fries.That – and a mini bar stocked up with donuts and croissants galore.

I wish I liked to travel more. If it weren’t for my, as friends call it, “totally irrational” fear of flying, I’d get to enjoy more immersive hotel experiences (anyone remember the Elf-themed hotel suite you could rent during the holidays?!). Point is, these guest experiences, carefully-crafted packages and brand travel partnerships are getting more unique every year. Lucky for me, NYC is just a few hour car ride away 😊.

For all those bread winners out there, book your reservation through January 31st here.

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