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The Summer of Shades

The Summer of Shades

I’d put sunglasses in the same category as your watch, rings, wallet, handbag and jeans: those items worth investing some extra money in, only because you probably wear those items more than anything else. While I agree with some folks who think that there’s a high chance you will lose or break your sunglasses so there’s no need to buy an expensive pair, I still feel strongly that, because you wear them most days, spend a little extra muhla and treat yourself to a snazzy pair (just pray you don’t drop them on the concrete).

I knew my new summer pair was going to be an aviator style and I was pretty close to going with the most famous brand for aviators, Ray Ban. For some reason, they just looked too big on face (even their smaller version didn’t work for me). While checking out Sunglass Hut, I spotted one pair that just worked for my face shape — Tory Burch’s new Rounded Aviator Sunglasses. The highlight of these shades is the classic Tory logo on the lens (so I can’t see the pattern looking out, but those talking to me can see a faint logo pattern). I think that sets ‘em apart from other aviators I’ve seen and may just be worth that extra $$, especially for brand babies like me!

Posted by Brianne