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The Turtle and The Hair

The Turtle and The Hair

Here at mm/c, we’ve talked about camelflage, vajazzling, and va-ttoos. Now, onto grooming. While I normally wouldn’t dare bring this up in a public forum — that’s private! — once again, the shaved, hair, or barely-there talk is back in the news.

Last Sunday (8/8), HBO’s ever-scintillating show Entourage aired an episode titled “Hair.” Turtle freaks because the girl he’s wooing is rocking the bald look, which essentially makes the entire 30-minute show a conversation about below-the-belt grooming. What seriously shocked viewers, though, was the split-second full-frontal nudity of porn star, Sasha Grey, who guest-stars this season as herself. Now, it wasn’t the full-frontal that has everyone up in arms. It was the presence of Sasha’s au-natural style south of the border.

Men and women alike seriously lost their shit over this. @KellyDecker23 asked, “Can someone tell me why Sasha Grey had a HUGE bush on Entourage? Wtf?” While @TheCircumstance (sidenote: Jersey wannabe, much?) tweets “Sasha Grey is HOT! But her bush on tonight’s Entourage was nasty!” Thanks to BuzzFeed who documented a number of Neanderthal reactions, we have a full page of bush-haters, going so far as to say things like “please shave bitch lol,” “I really didn’t need to see Sasha Grey’s bush,” and “now I’m gonna have nightmares about Sasha Grey’s bush.”

Sure, I get it.  I was surprised as anyone to see Linda Lovelace in all her glory when NYU did a screening of “Deep Throat” freshman year (yes, that happened). That’s not the popular choice these days, but these intense, violent reactions about one woman’s pubic hair are nothing short of pathetic. You think this would go down if we saw a dude un-trimmed or un-shaven? Doubtful, and trust me, more guys could afford to do a little more down there (girls talk!). Instead, the fresh-faced, great-bodied Sasha Grey is called a bitch and nasty.  God forbid anyone make a personal decision about their own body.

Way to go, Entourage for mixing it up a bit.

Posted by Haley