The Ultimate Halloween Showdown

It’s that time of the year, folks — time to head to the nearest iParty in search of the perfect Halloween ensemble. Or if you’re like me, scrounge for something around your house 10 minutes before you walk out the door (did you know a sheet with two holes cut out makes a great ghost?!).

Over recent years, costume companies have gotten creative with their “sexy” female getups, trying to capitalize on the fact that young women like to dress like sluts on Halloween (even if that means being a Sesame Street character?). And some retailers took it WAY too far (remember the Anna Rexia controversy of 2011?).

My favorite part about Halloween has never been seeing what crazy, creative costumes people will come up with. For me, it’s more about how people will dress up their dog.

3Image source Paper Blog


4Image source Vancouver Island Pet Expo


So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across a post on Mashable pitting sexy chicks and adorable pugs head-to-head in costume.

Here’s a preview:

5Image source Mashable

IIIII know, right?!

Check out the whole thing here.

(Spoiler alert: hands down, pugs take it every time.)

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