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The Ultimate Supreme Cookie Collab marlo marketing. Supreme Oreos

The Ultimate Supreme Cookie Collab

Image Source: Livestly. 

In 1994, Supreme was just a tiny skate store in Manhattan. Now it’s a heavyweight fashion brand that creates pandemonium every time it releases new products. A catalyst for the evolution of streetwear in the fashion industry. Supreme is now a highly coveted, pretty pricey and widely respected brand. It often uses collaborative marketing to partner with some of the biggest brands – in and outside of the fashion space – to create ultra-exclusive, limited-edition ‘Supreme’ products.

Over the years, Supreme has released everything from sneakers to snowboards, toys to sunglasses. Household brands like Campbell’s and Coke to media conglomerates like Playboy and high-end brands like Rolex all have partnered with Supreme. When they did, the products sold out, the collaborations got a ton of press, and those brands got a lot cooler.

Supreme’s first ‘big break’ came when they partnered with Nike in 2002. As the exclusive retailer for the Nike SB sneaker, they made only 500 pairs and were sold exclusively in the New York and Japan stores. The frenzy of people trying to get their hands on those sneakers created what I like to call the “Supreme ripple effect.” Once its unavailable, demand increases. The products are then resold at a higher price point, and with each buyer and reseller, they continue to increase in value. Buying Supreme products has turned into a kind of game for consumers. It’s like a giant, global scavenger hunt. From a marketing perspective, it’s smart. These partnerships require very little money and effort from Supreme.

This week, Oreo announced its collaboration with Supreme. Released last month, the red Supreme-branded cookies went on sale for $8 a pack; they are already being resold on eBay for $88,000. Yep, you read that correctly. As the price for Supreme Oreos continues to rise, it caught the attention of media and even fans, who are all dumbfounded. According to, Daquan, an Instagram influencer with over 14 million followers, shared a meme saying “No one’s paying $250 for some Oreos.”  That’s right, Daquan, apparently, they are willing to pay far more than $250.

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Imagine buying these 😂

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Regardless of how insane it all may seem, at the very least, we have to give credit where credit is due. Supreme is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive and successful brands using collaborative marketing today.

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