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The War on Cheese

The War on Cheese

Image source Grub Street

So have you heard that the Russian government is currently waging war against produce from the West? In response to sanctions against the Russian Federation last year, an embargo was put into place that would prohibit the import of foodstuffs including meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables from nations including America and the European Union. Sounds like an article posted on The Onion, right?

But this is not a farce, people… A band of cotija criminals was recently discovered in Moscow peddling $30 million and 500 tons of contraband cheese, which was produced locally using a Western enzyme base. According to Russian officials, this gang has been selling the illicit cheese to supermarket chains and distributors since March!

“I found a clue, Sherlock!”

This dark discovery has led to police raids of residences and warehouses, a hotline encouraging Russian citizens to share any information they may have about these brie bandits and an official order from Putin to burn or bury the goods. #wasteful

They may be facing serious charges, but who could blame these cheeseleggers for trying?  After all, a world without cheese is no world at all…

Posted by Hillary