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The White Woman Whisperer

The White Woman Whisperer

Image Source Business Insider

If you don’t know who “The Fat Jewish” is by now, you have probably been living in a hole or subway tunnel or something. Or you’re not a basic white bitch on Insta. Either way, Josh Ostrovsky, aka “The Fat Jewish,” is famous for posting funny memes and photos, some not his own, on his Instagram account. After amounting a ridiculous amount of followers, he was asked to contribute to Vice, and then profiled by The New York Times. NBD. Big things are on the horizon for Mr. Ostrovsky, including a Showtime reality series, a book, and… wait for it… a wine brand for white girls.

A rosé, aptly called “White Girl,” is a collaboration between The Fat Jew and the people behind the Twitter account (and book) “White Girl Problems.” The pink vino was inspired by a rosé shortage in the Hamptons last August (if that’s not a #whitegirlprob I don’t know what is).  In response to the shortage The Fat Jew told the NY Post, “May we never almost encounter such a f - - king travesty . . . We were right on the brink of disaster. What would’ve happened?”

Obviously joking, Mr. Ostrovsky has made a career out of being funny and making white girls everywhere LOL and re-gram. Kudos to him, not being a basic white girl himself and all.

Next, I’m waiting for an epic “The Fat Jewish x Starbucks” collab. Preferably in the form of a new flavor of skinny latte *raise the roof emoji*.


Posted by Erin D.