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The Wonderful World of Toddlewood

The Wonderful World of Toddlewood

Although the Golden Globes were a couple weeks ago, it is award show season and with that comes red carpet fashion. What better way to celebrate this year’s Golden Globe do’s and don’ts than dressing up your toddlers in identical evening wear!? Yes, I’m talking tiny tot celeb look-alikes garbed in mini Chanel dresses and teeny tuxedos. Welcome to the world of photographer Tricia Messeroux. Her series Toddlewood is adorable, pageant-y, and…slightly creepy.

Do these not scream “Toddlers and Tiaras”?! As funny and ridiculous as these images are, I’m slightly disturbed by how similar the kids look to the real A-list celebrities. I mean who taught that Halle Berry munchkin to pose like that? (Not going to lie, I admire her sass.) I’m just disappointed that my girl Jennifer Lawrence (J.Law) wasn’t among the little kiddos playing around in Toddlewood.

Messeroux not only photographs children on the red carpet, but she also uses children in other similar scenes, such as toddler versions of the Spice Girls’ group pose and an Oprah Winfrey interview. The photos are silly and a tad wacky, but they sure made me laugh. Hopefully Messeroux will have more to share for the Grammys and the Oscars later this month!



Image source Refinery29

Posted by Allie