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The World of Peganism

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The World of Peganism

Image Source: Gizmodo 

No, it’s not a typo. Peganism may only differ from paganism by one letter, but it is not a new form of polytheistic religious worship… it’s a fad diet! A cross between the paleo and vegan diets, peganism is expected to have a moment in 2019. The paleo diet is where you try to eat like a caveman and pretend that the humans alive during the Stone Age wouldn’t have eaten ice cream, even if they’d had the technology to make it. The vegan diet, as we know, prevents you from eating anything that comes from an animal. Combine the two and you have a mild form of torture.

When I first heard peganism would be the new ‘it’ diet of 2019, I automatically assumed that it involved making a vegetable sacrifice to the harvest god before enjoying a feast exclusively comprised of fresh produce and seeds. The name, as well as the descriptor of paleo-vegan, is rather misleading. Upon further research, I discovered that the diet doesn’t actually advocate going fully paleo AND fully vegan at the same time. Rather, it recommends that you limit your intake of all the things both of those diets exclude. So, you can eat animal products, legumes, and whole grains sparingly, just think of them more like garnishes rather than the star of the show.

This new diet does not sound entirely horrible or excessively restrictive. If dieting is your thing, and you are thinking of going pegan this year, don’t rely on autocorrect when you text all your friends and family about your eating habits, lest they think you’ve embraced the Greek gods as reality instead of mythology.

Posted by Catherine S.