The World’s Most Boring Billboard

When it comes to billboards, most would expect companies to go for exciting, out-of-the box, eye-catching ideas and images. After all, in order to stand out amongst the competition, it’s important to instantly grab the attention of passersby. Sioo:X, a wood protection company based in Sweden, took a different approach by creating “the world’s most boring billboard.”

For the new billboard, Sioo:X’s own CEO donated some treated boards from his personal patio. With a specific goal in mind of showing customers how durable their products are, they sacrificed the flashy display and kept it simple with their “boring” billboard made of their own treated wood products.

Image Source: Sioo:X/Adweek

Though the billboard might not be flashy, it certainly gets the company’s vision across and demonstrates a unique, long-lasting approach to advertising. We’ll check back in with you in 2030, Sioo:X.

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