The Years Fly By

In the event that you’re ever feeling sluggish, tired or old – I suggest you continue reading:

Stu Williamson recently celebrated his 100th birthday by doing what most centenarians do – he went skydiving. Normal, right? And what did he have to say for himself after the jump? Well, he’s counting down the days until he can do it again!

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Stu says his new life mission is simple – to skydive next year on his 101st birthday and become the world’s oldest skydiver. He would love nothing more than to steal the title from Bryson William Verdun Hayes, who currently resides in the Guinness World Records for performing a parachute jump last year at 101 years old.

Calling this newfound goal “his reason to live,” Stu went on to share some wise advice to all the young bucks out there. He stressed the importance of staying physically fit, which he does for 45 minutes at least three times a week…

Feeling lazy yet?

While the physical aspect is certainly important, Stu didn’t forget to mention a few other tactics for living to see 100 – single malt whiskey and a good sense of humor also made his list of must-haves.

If you needed a little motivation this week, this should do the trick!

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