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There Goes the Bride…

There Goes the Bride…

Many young girls dream of the day when they can walk down the aisle in a beautiful wedding gown…but not many dream past that fairytale day and envision how their wedding dress will be used twelve years later, post-messy divorce. Hmph.

If you haven’t checked out the blog, My Ex Wife’s Wedding Dress, it’s a must-see. Whether you believe in marriage or are jaded and think that happy endings don’t exist, you’ll no doubt enjoy the creativity and/or cruelty of one disgruntled ex-husband. After his wife moved out of their home, he noticed that she had left her wedding gown behind. When he questioned what he was supposed to do with it, she replied, “Whatever the (bleep) you want!” And the rest, as they say, is history.

The man behind this highly amusing website is on a mission to come up with 101 uses for his ex wife’s wedding dress. So far, he’s captured over 30 innovative ways to utilize the dress in everyday life. Who knew that your beaded Vera Wang would be the perfect old rag for washing a car? Feeling tired mid-afternoon? Wedding gowns can make for a great hammock! Need a skirt for your Christmas tree? Well, that white dress will help you ‘tis the season! Out of coffee filters? A wedding dress can help you to brew your morning java! And the list goes on…

If you need a laugh, this is the website to visit. As they always say – revenge is sweet.

Posted by Alyssa