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There’s a Stranger in My Bed!

There’s a Stranger in My Bed!

Have you ever jumped into bed, excited to get cozy and doze off…only to be met with cold sheets? Never fear! The Holiday Inn has commenced a month-long trial of human—you got it, human—bed-warmers at three of its UK hotels. If a guest feels that his/her sheets aren’t at the desired temp, a staff member will gladly come up to the room—equipped with a thermometer—and graciously donate their own body heat until the bed reaches a required 68 degrees. Holiday Inn staffers will do this while dressed in an “all-in-one fleece sleeper suit” and hair will be covered, although it hasn’t been determined whether or not they will shower beforehand. A spokeswoman for the International hotel chain likens this service to having a hot water bottle or electric blanket in bed with you. A sleep expert even touts this service as a good way to help people because “a cold bed would inhibit sleep.”

So, let me get this right. If I deem my bed to be too cool for my liking, a maybe-showered stranger wearing a glorified snuggie and santa hat is going to jump in and fix it for me? Not only is this totally bizarre, but it also seems pretty medieval, too. Can’t you just imagine Henry VIII requesting that a servant warm his bed for him? Understandable perhaps back then, due to the lack of electricity and the fact that he was…uh, King…but this is 2010! Reps for the Holiday Inn couldn’t even justify why people are doing this over other obvious alternatives (electric blankets, anyone?).

Now, I have to admit. I LOVE my bed. Nothing is better than curling up under the covers after a long day. When it’s chilly, I have my very own method that works pretty damn well. I climb into bed, pull the blankets up, and, wait for it…..I kick my legs really fast and squeal, “I love my bed!” Seems to get the job done. No creepers in fleece onesies required.

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Posted by Haley