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There’s an App for That marlo marketing

There’s an App for That

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In this growing digital age, there is quite literally an app for everything. You can order ‘task rabbits’ AKA strangers to pick up your groceries, go on blind dates, meet new friends, and even buy a house! Apps are now fully integrated into our culture, our day-to-day lives, and even our work. This presents an interesting opportunity for brands to create new business channels, connect with consumers, advertise, etc. The landscape is still relatively new, but overlooking this space is truly a missed opportunity.

Recently, The Hive, a collection of retail and office buildings in Downtown Crossing that includes our office, launched its own app, connecting tenants (like us) to one another and to the city. There are a host of ‘in-house’ perks that were offered to building tenants during launch week like free cold brew, manicures, and succulents. The app has many useful features: it acts as a mobile key, keeps an real-time list of MBTA train schedules, spotlights local businesses (some offering promotions), allows you to book meeting spaces and more. Not only is this incredible branding for the real estate company, which is owned by Synergy Investments, but it’s an invitation for other brands and local businesses to connect with like-minded people in the area. For example, Barry’s Bootcamp is offering a free class to all Hive members and Reebok is serving up a 50% discount. As a member, I can say that I am pleased as punch with The Hive’s decision to launch this app and excited to see all of the great partnerships and relationships that come of it!

Moral of the story, don’t ignore mobile marketing. Our mobile phones are our keepers and there’s no better way to connect.

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