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These Linguistic Maps Will Make You Shake Your Head

These Linguistic Maps Will Make You Shake Your Head

[WARNING: This post may cause you to get into a fight with your Southern cube mate]

Remember when you first went to college, or maybe even earlier if you went to a sleep-away camp with people from all corners of the country, and you started calling out or being called out for saying weird things? Like, wait, “wicked” isn’t something people say everywhere? What kind of crap is this?

While a lot of our pronunciation and word choice comes from things like race, economic background, etc., we all know a lot of it also comes from location. Now, thanks to Joshua Katz, a Ph. D student in statistics at North Carolina State University, we know exactly what parts of the US to avoid because they talk funny.

NOTE: The darker the spot on the map, the bigger the percentage choosing that answer, the lighter the area, the more split the verdict is.

The “Most Surprising” Award: Wait, seriously? How do you not see the difference? Thanks, Jersey. You are good people.

Innovation Award: There are drive-through liquor stores?! That’s a horrible/genius idea!


The “I Hate To Admit It” Award: Ok. New York City is “The City.” I would never actually call it that, but if someone did I would begrudgingly acknowledge them.


The “You Use them For More Than Tennis” Award: YOU USE THEM FOR MORE THAN TENNIS!!!!


The “Come On Philly, Just Admit It” award:



The “Seriously Pennsylvania, Making Up Words” Award:


The “Stubborn” Award: Boston clearly wins this one. Everyone else disagrees with us, but pretty mildly, whereas Massachusetts says “Hell no, call it a roundabout and I’ll hit you.”

PS –What happens when people from the Dakotas and Montana get to one of those things-that-goes-in-a-circle-then-you-drive-off-when-you-get-to-your-street-things? Do they just freak out? “WHAT IS THIS THING?!?! AHHHHHH” KKKKKKRAAAASHHHHHHHHHH!

I guess all they have is four way stops? Or maybe it’s just one road that goes through and nobody stops….


The “East Boston and Jersey” Award: What, no “Youz guyz?”


The entire list can be found here for your perusal. But beware, once you open Katz’s box, it’s out there in the open and debate will ensue. And you will wonder how anybody could actually call a “water fountain” a bubbler…

Posted by Ben

Image source Joshua Katz