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Things 90s Kids Realize: “All That” and a Bag of Chips

Things 90s Kids Realize: “All That” and a Bag of Chips

Though times have been trying for my inner tween, she’s finally been vindicated with my discovery of the blog Things 90s Kids Realize.  Offering a blend of nostalgia and esoteric humor, the site speaks to a certain zeitgeist of the decade and recounts steadfast truths that unite us “babies of the late ‘80s.”  A sampling: Oregon Trail was the best part of elementary school, we spent countless hours searching for Waldo & Carmen, Alanis Morissette gave Uncle Joey a BJ in the movie theater…you get the picture.

One thing’s for sure, this blog makes me want to dig my old Silver Snakes shirt out of storage and hunker down for a marathon of “TGIF”shows with a huge helping of Pizza Lunchables and Hi-C Flashin’ Fruit Punch.  My apologies if these references go over your head.  Though we may be slacktivists at times, my generation has developed a strong cultural backbone that (save for the onslaught of social media platforms and ensuing technological prowess) I don’t see the Millennials possessing quite yet.

Posted by Abby