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Things That Make or Break a Friday…

Things That Make or Break a Friday…

Now that I’ve been out of school for – well, let’s just say A WHILE – I no longer put countless hours into planning out the perfect Friday night (at the time known as pounding beers and going to The Alley in black pleather pants and bare midriff to make every guy in the place want to dance with me…Dear Lord, thank you for saving me!). While I’m now content to be home at a decent hour with my husband and good take-out, it would appear that it doesn’t take much to make my weekend nights. However, lately I’ve been thinking about how it doesn’t take much to derail my Friday nights either. Examples:

– The all too frequent stops on the subway due to a “disabled train ahead” that result in me arriving to North Station just in time to see the tail lights of my 6:45 PM North Shore train leaving the station. I now have to wait an hour before my next train.
– Having to share my train with a group of crapulent machismos, doubly intoxicated by a Celtics win. (My night worsens when the sot two rows behind me starts vomiting underneath the seat in front of him filling the car with putrid odor that suddenly makes the rico suave who always ends up in my morning car, doused in Aqua Di Gio, smell heavenly).
– Having my train’s engine explode two towns away from my destination and my husband unable to pick me up because he’s out at Boy’s Night.

Maybe you’re also a frequent user of public transportation and have experienced similar happenings? Well, I’m starting a support group for us folks. That’s right, hit me up with your railroad woes and I’ll reply with my seasoned commuter wisdom. Wondering how I’ve combated the aforementioned situations so far?

The key to getting through your commute seamlessly lies within the iPod. I recently downloaded U2’s new album ‘No Line on the Horizon.’ Bono’s mellifluous vocals and ridiculous lyrics (i.e. “The right to appear ridiculous is something I hold dear…” from ‘I’ll Go Crazy if I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight’) almost instantly helps you forget that you’re packed like a sardine up against a patchouli-wearing Hippie while your commuter rail train is taking off as you’re stuck in the subway underground. My favorite tracks: ‘Moment of Surrender,’ ‘I’ll Go Crazy if I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight,’ ‘Get on Your Boots,’ and ‘Stand Up Comedy.’ It’s a pretty solid album.

Also guaranteed to transport you from the depths of Boston’s underworld into an out-of-body experience: download Showtime’s ‘Dexter’ for your iPod. Yes, it did bother me for some time that I was watching a show about – and rooting for – a serial killer. However, by the fourth episode of season one, I was over it because Dexter is a vigilante who cleans up the Miami Police Department’s ineptitude. Trust me, you won’t even notice the guys throwing up behind you on the train. Note: this show is not for the faint of heart. Think ‘CSI’ times ten.

Lastly, if you get stuck mid-commute sans access to alternate modes of transportation, definitely watch Gus Van Sant’s ‘Milk.’ Inspiring (if you can get through the first 30, or so, minutes of the film) is an understatement. I watched the film four nights ago and CANNOT stop thinking about it. Nothing kills time like fighting for (or watching movies about) civil rights. Certainly put my Friday night mishap into perspective.

Anyway, stay tuned for more updates as I find more ways to cope with my commute. There is one abominable train situation for which I have not yet found a suitable remedy. A couple of weeks ago, as I was pulling into North Station, getting ready to start my Friday, I noticed small white flakes (reminiscent of snow) falling all over my coat and handbag. I looked up to see an immensely tall gentleman behind me, standing to put on his coat. I suddenly realized it was his dandruff that was creating a light coat on my person. Short of wearing a poncho on my morning commute, what’s a girl to do?

Posted by Elizabeth