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Does This Empty Table Make Me Look Cheap?

Does This Empty Table Make Me Look Cheap?

Like any good transient, hobo or wanderer, I’m forever on the hunt for the perfect no-purchase-necessary lounge spot—a public place (that isn’t South Station) where you can read/listen to your iPod/work on your laptop in peace without the lingering smell of homeless and/or an obnoxious, clingy wait staff guilt-tripping you into buying something. Because sometimes—just sometimes!—you’re out in Boston with $0.13 to your name, you need to kill an hour or two, and you don’t have the time/energy to trek all the way home. Enter: the seemingly-elusive, no-purchase-necessary lounge spot.

Sure, there a few of obvious choices: approximately 1,500 Starbucks in the metro Boston area, Trident Café on Newbury, three locations of Espresso Royale Caffe, Uptown Espresso on Columbus. (As a self-employed “writer” a few years ago, these places were my unofficial offices.) Despite the open hospitality of these and other coffee shops around the city, there are always drawbacks. Trident Café either doesn’t have outlets or they are purposefully hidden so lounge time with a laptop is kept in check. The food at Uptown is too much of a draw to go in when you have only $0.13 to your name. And since I’m pretty much a whore for Starbucks, it’s virtually impossible for me to step over the threshold without spending at least $9 on two drinks and a package of madeleine cookies.

So, where’s a girl to go when she wants to kick back in Boston and chill for an indeterminate amount of time without spending a dime?

Posted by Amelia