This is Some Real Masterpiece Theater Right Here

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P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Diddy – whatever your name is right now because I really can’t keep track anymore… you just made my day. In a crazy viral Twitter-frenzy, Diddy set off the rumor mill by announcing on his Twitter page that he would be joining the cast of Downton Abbey as a season 4 regular. There had been buzz about creator Julian Fellowes adding more diversity to the brilliant cast next season, and Diddy’s been known to act here and there, so it seemed semi-plausible?

Diddy later posted his Downton (or as he says, “Downtown”) debut – a Funny or Die video, masterfully created into some real Masterpiece Theater. Diddy’s “character,” Lord Wolcott, brings some much needed flavor to the show and seems to say exactly what I’m thinking to myself when I watch the ridiculously improbable story lines (“I KNEW you could walk!”)  My love for Downton Abbey just got kicked up a notch. I’d like to see how crazy the 1920’s could get when Diddy brings Ciroc to the manor.

Watch his Downton debut (warning – Diddy uses some explicit language) and take note of some of my fave quotes:

  • “I can’t love you, not when I love Sybil, and Mary…and Mrs. Pattamore, and the Dowager Countess and a couple of maids…”
  • “Everybody, welcome to the first ever white party”
  • “You said they call this a telephone?”
  • “Boy, I knew you could walk!”
  • “This World War is so dreadful; I pray there’s not a World War II”

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