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This Takes “Blind Dating” To A New Level

This Takes “Blind Dating” To A New Level

Image source The Telegraph

As’s resident dating expert, I feel it is my duty to inform you all of the newest trends, apps and chatter in the dating world. That is why today, I present to you: paper bag dating (which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like).

Paper bag dating is sort of like speed dating, except people wear paper bags over their heads, which they decorate kindergarten craft time-style along with a fun fact about themselves. Daters move from one prospective match to the next, recording their “likes” and “passes” on the form. If the “like” is mutual, the company will intro you via email. After all dates meet, the bags come off and the awkward mingling begins.

This form of dating comes from Loveflutter, a dating app that claims to be the “anti-Tinder.” Instead of swiping through photos (and on some apps, then reading the profile), Loveflutter matches you based on a Twitter-style (140 character) “quirky fact” about yourself.

While personality (and quirks) are a big part of being attracted to someone, ultimately, appearance is going to matter. If there isn’t at least some physical attraction (which of course can be elevated by a person’s personality), it’s just not going to work out. So while I admire Loveflutter’s attempt to reduce superficiality, I can’t see this being an effective way to meet someone (for me, anyway). I am all about facial cues. And who doesn’t like to look into someone’s eyes when they have a conversation for the first time? Plus, I’m not sure how well my childlike artistic skills could convey my spectacular personality. Just sayin’.

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Posted by Erin D