This Will Help Get You Through Your Post-Holiday Slump

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Once again, the holidays have come and gone. The Christmas music, the endless cookies, the joyful spirit… all gone faster than I can scarf down a slice of apple pie.

Though my general mood will likely be less-than-stellar for the next couple of weeks, thankfully, due to one of the biggest Christmas gifts of the year and the magic of the Internet, I have enough hysterical video footage to keep me entertained until next holiday season. I introduce the #hoverboardfail.

Apparently hoverboards (those handle-less scooters that light up and make people look like something out of Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century) were one of the year’s biggest gifts. But maybe people didn’t realize they are a bit harder to use than one might think, because lots of people fell while trying. And broke bones. And for the sake of the enjoyment of the rest of the world (thank you), they are posting their wipe-outs on social media under the tag #hoverboardfails. (And this doesn’t even factor in those pesky spontaneous combustion issues…)

So a huge thanks to all of you brave, uncoordinated people for allowing me to forget about the fact – even momentarily — that Christmas is now over 350 days away. Happy New Year, indeed. And please, be careful. (#Not!)


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