Thou Shalt Not Block

Ah, Twitter – a place where some of President Trump’s most vocal critics go to lay out their frustrations about the current state of our union. Well, according to a Federal Judge in Manhattan, it looks like Trump will be forced to face the backlash he’s so long avoided by the click of a button.

Judge Naomi Buchwald recently ruled that Donald Trump cannot block any of his fellow Tweeters without violating the First Amendment, citing the action as unconstitutional since the @RealDonaldTrump Twitter account “is a public forum operated by the government, constituting viewpoint discrimination.” According to online experts, comparing Trump’s Twitter account to a public forum is similar to calling it a public park, a town square or a city sidewalk where both critics and supporters have their right to free speech.

Trump has been known to block some pretty vocal celebrities over the years, including Chrissy Teigen after she tweeted “no one likes you” at the president. Therefore, the Queen of Twitter naturally and hilariously chimed in following the news.

Looks like we’ll have to wait and see if these two do in fact meet again.

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