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Three Food Products I Want but DON’T Need

Three Food Products I Want but DON’T Need

During my day to day consumption of food blog content, I come across tons of factoids that serve no purpose in my life aside from entertainment. A house made of beer cans, diets for manly dogs, a bar on the South Pole… the list could go on and on.

The problem with all this food-related reading? Sometimes the things that seem ridiculous at first end up on my must-buy list. Because everyone needs a glass of Downton Abbey-themed vino, right?

Here are my top three favorite (completely unnecessary) dining accessories:

The Zero-Gravity Coffee Cup












Image source Bon Appetit

Made by the brilliant minds at NASA, I can’t help but want to see what drinking a cup o’ joe at zero gravity would be like. Think it’s worth the trip to outer space?

Powdered Water













Image source The Daily Mail

This one (unlike the others – I admit it!) could serve the very important purpose of curing droughts around the world. Do I need it? Nope. But do I want to experience the miraculous powers of Solid Rain? Hell yes, I do.

The Baguette Bag















Image source Wowcracy

Ah, baguette – my long-time frenemy due to easy access and colossal carb content. I’m not so sure buying one of CYAN’s Baguette Bags is a great idea for my figure, but it would be super for carting groceries on foot, right?

Might have to cave get my hands on a baguette bag for my next post. For journalistic purposes only, of course!

Posted by Mary