‘Til Likes Do Us Part

Picture this. You’re taking a relaxing stroll in the park with your significant other, when you realize he’s about to get on one knee. You eagerly await the sign of a ring box, when you are presented with what looks to be a cell phone. Confused, you suddenly see the ring pop up from what seems to be a smartphone case/futuristic-technological-pedestal-type thingy. Oh, and, btw, you’re on camera!

Romantic? Unnecessary? Turns out, your boo thinks it’s not a proposal unless they “do it from the gram.”

Rokshok is the first transformable smartphone case that allows couples to instantly share their engagement moment with the digital world, initially hiding the ring inside and then presenting it in one swift motion, all while recording the proposal for immediate upload. Priced at $39.95, the “slim,” “discreet,” and “social media ready” device seems like a great way to keep your moment forever, but how extra is too extra?

Take a look at how it works.

Source YouTube

What do you think, m.blog readers? Is this the new way to get down on one knee? Or just too damn much?

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