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Time to Get Fin Fit

Time to Get Fin Fit

Image Source: Fin Fun Mermaid

It’s not too late to work on your summer bod – especially if your idea of a summer bod is a mermaid bod. That’s right – the mermaid trend that you’ve seen everywhere (teal-colored mermaid hair, mermaid eyeshadow palettes and makeup brushes, mermaid-tail blankets, fish-scale print skirts, etc.) is now taking over your workout routine.

If you’re ready to begin your mermaid makeover, head over to YouTube for a free eight-week series created by Fin Fun Mermaid and USA Swimming-certified coach Christine Dustin. “Mermaiding” is a full-body workout that really targets your core, since you have to roll your body in a dolphin kick to propel forward, but it also works your arms and legs. The workout videos demonstrate the techniques for different types of dolphin kicks (Did you know there were multiple kinds? I didn’t.) and form a progressive plan for your total transformation into a graceful mermaid.

As you get more advanced with your mermaiding, you can make the transformation official and slip into a swimmable mermaid tail for your laps. Fin Fun Mermaids makes mermaid tails for kids and adults alike in majestic designs such as “Sapphire Peacock,” “Razzle Dazzle,” and “Malibu Pink” that are all sure to make a splash. Sadly, you’ll have to find your own trusty crustacean and fish sidekicks, as Flounder and Sebastian are not included.

Posted by Sylvie