Tinder IRL: The Follow Up

Well, the tropical date hasn’t happened yet, but I’m back with an update on the Tinder lovebirds! (If you’re just tuning into this completely millennial love story, check out my original post to get filled in.)

Good Morning America caught wind of these viral sensations and decided that they should meet IRL before they fly off to Hawaii together. Not a bad idea. Watch the clip below for the totally adorable and sometimes cringe-worthy first meeting!

“My parents are dying to finally meet you” AHHHH.

His sister’s marrying someone she met off tinder… “She gave me some hope that this is where it’s at” Oh honey no…….

I’m absolutely CRINGING from the awkward first meeting, but I have to admit, they’re adorable. Now taking bets for how well the Maui trip goes. Stay tuned!

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