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Tiny Hands, Size 10

Tiny Hands, Size 10

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Well, I am pretty upset after the results of this year’s election. Pretty much everyone I know is. It’s really unfortunate that a sexist, racist, pompous asshole will run our country starting in January. But I digress. It’s important to accept what the rest of the country has chosen, and work towards making sure our constant values that America is known for (freedom, acceptance, democracy, dignity of each and every person) is not utterly thrown out the window by an immature clown.

Though, ultimately, it’s still enjoyable to get a few laughs at his expense. No surprise, Donald Trump – just like his personality – has a very abrasive, in-your-face handwriting. Apparently, The Donald makes his assistants print out all articles on him, and then he scribbles crazy editorial notes. Just like this one from Vanity Fair. Notes like, “BAD PICTURE (NO SURPRISE),” “THANKS FOR THE ADVICE,” and “I KNOW FAR MORE THAN YOU” cover the article.

Well, using this article as a guide, a brilliant graphic designer at BuzzFeed has created The Donald’s handwriting as a custom font. This obnoxious, but amusing font, is called Tiny Hands. A nod to his ridiculously small hands, you can download the font for free here.



Posted by Kat.