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Tired of Eating Expired? Then Bring Your Own Damn Lunch!

Tired of Eating Expired? Then Bring Your Own Damn Lunch!

“%^$#” is probably what’s going through the heads of Boston Public School officials and cafeteria managers.

They must have known this day would come, the day when they would be exposed for serving “past-due” food to innocent, unassuming children.  Can you imagine the anxiety the cafeteria managers and cooks must have endured at these Boston Public Schools, knowing they’re prepping two-year old beef for Taco Day (aka “Christmas” in cafeteria-speak)!?   Well, worry no more—you’ve been busted!

Coincidentally, just as the BPS news was breaking last week, Amelia shared on her belief that expiration dates are more of a suggestion than a rule.  I happen to agree.

I mean honestly, how long has this been going on for?  Have there been any reported deaths, extreme illnesses or e-coli breakouts caused by serving “expired” canned vegetables and frozen goods?  No.  And, last I checked, canned goods basically never go bad, which is why every American has a whole pantry full of canned foods.

I get it; it’s horrifying to hear that your child has been eating “expired” food (even though it’s been stored properly), and something has to be done about it to appease all the crazy organic-gluten-free-vegan mommies of the world.

The only complaint that The Boston Globe revealed in its recent article was a quote from some dad who said, “This probably explains why my son comes home less than thrilled with his lunch every day.”  HELLO?!  You send your kid to public school—when was the last time you heard any kid rave about the grub?  Here’s a solution: pack a lunchbox, like we all used to do.

The only other attack on the otherwise fine but frost-bitten freezer food is that the items have lost some of their nutritional value.   I’m pretty sure the moment those ingredients hit the vats to be mass-produced in those kitchens, nutritional value is lost, so everyone should really stop acting so surprised.  If anything, I think these public school cafeterias should be commended for ultimately building-up the immune systems of kids throughout Boston.

Yes, Mr. Arroyo, there is that saying “When in doubt, throw it out.” But there’s also the saying, “A little dirt never hurt anyone.”

Posted by Hannah