Toucan Sam + Burger King = True Love

Growing up, my sugary cereal of choice was Froot Loops. Whenever my brother and I got the very random okay to buy the cereal we wanted (usually from Dad, not Mom) it was a mad dash to the Froot Loops. Now that I’m an adult and can buy whatever cereal I want, I still prefer Froot Loops on special occasions when I want to #treatmyself.


This coming Monday April 17th my Froot Loops obsession will be brought to a whole new level with the Froot Loops Shake from Burger King (another thing that was pretty much banned from my childhood). My brother and I have already planned a Facetime date for when we first try this delicious combination of pure, unadulterated sugar so that we can really get a taste of our childhood. I’ll be following Toucan Sam’s directions of “Follow my nose. It always knows.” all the way to this milkshake!











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Posted by Emma

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