To Uber or Not to Uber, That is the Question

As much as I love taking public transportation and witnessing all the rude behaviors, offensive smells and delays, every now and then I feel the need to splurge a little. And while I wish I meant hiring a limo to take me to all my fabulous destinations (read: work and home), when I feel like I can’t stand the general public for one second longer, I call an Uber.

Uber has gotten a lot of flak recently but hey, this chick isn’t hailing a cab. Mostly because I can’t tell which cabs are legit because they’re not easy to identify like the yellow cabs in NYC! But I digress, Uber is convenient, (mostly) safe, and gets me from point A to point B. While I do get a little anxious about my tab when there’s bumper to bumper traffic on Comm Ave, or find it suspicious/annoying when the “most direct” path is through a toll, I generally don’t worry about how much the Uber fare is going to set me back.

Until I read about this girl. A simple 7 mile ride for 35 minutes turned into a $12,251.49 bill. YIKES. Along with the hefty bill, she got to experience reversing on an exit ramp, lane cutting and missed turns. Apparently Uber said this is all due to a decimal point in the wrong place (and an apparently crappy driver), and that she won’t actually be getting charged thousands of dollars. But even so, logging into Uber and seeing that balance isn’t pretty.


 Image source Gothamist

So now Uber drivers need to beware of not only surge charges, but also missing decimal points. Guess it’s time to switch to Lyft.

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