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Toddler Tip: “Not potty trained. Not trying.”

Toddler Tip: “Not potty trained. Not trying.”

I am a big fan of Twitter. The first thing I do every morning (after checking the weather – Boston, you’re a fickle friend) is scan my Twitter feed to see if I missed anything notable while dreaming of sugarplum fairies and gourmet cheese. After my scan of the latest news (which lines of the MBTA are delayed today?), I visit the account of the only toddler in my life.

My latest Twitter obsession and must-follow handle is @HonestToddler. Last summer The Huffington Post called Honest Toddler a “Twitter Sensation” and I wholeheartedly agree. Since joining Twitter in May 2012 Honest Toddler has tweeted over 4,000 times and has just under 180,000 followers. I’d say that falls under the #winning category.

Honest Toddler’s tweets are from the perspective of a toddler and are about anything and everything – a love-hate relationship with his dad, feelings about Santa, afternoons with his grandparents, etc. while taking a sassy tone. Instead of continuing to list all of the reasons I think you should be following @HonestToddler (you really should be), see for yourself. Below are my favorite Honest Toddler tweets from the last five months. I dare you not to laugh or shake your head after reading them.

1. Call the ACLU


2. The best pocket


3. The Museum of Fine Arts


4. The truth behind pants


5. Toddler Grammy Awards


Confession: I have re-tweeted most of these.

Posted by Maya

Image source @HonestToddler