Top 3 Reasons You’d Sign Divorce Papers with a Smiley Face :)

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It was recently leaked (hey, they’re public documents) that Katy Perry signed her divorce papers from Russell Brand with a smiley face. This may not be a shocker for those of us who know Perry as an alterna-Barbie who owns a bra capable of shooting whipped cream. Even still, there had to be a good reason why she’d make such a bizarrely immature statement with two little eye balls and a smile. So, I’ve taken it upon myself to list out the Top 3 Reasons You’d Sign Divorce Papers with a Smiley Face:

  1. You’ve mistaken the divorce papers for a headshot that a fan handed you outside a taping for Letterman.
  2. You’re a good Christian and a smiley face is your way of saying to God, “Hey, I know I effed up a bit with this whole divorce thing, but we’re cool, right? Kisses, boss man!”
  3. You’re still pissed about your husband tweeting a pic of you with no makeup on for millions of people to see, and nothing says a big FUCK YOU like a smiley face.

Either way, it’s good to know that KP is on the up-and-up emotionally, and not letting some silly thing like a divorce keep her down. (Or the fact that she’s now considered the poor man’s version of her ex-husband’s current squeeze.)

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