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Tortillas One Pod at a Time

Tortillas One Pod at a Time

Being raised in Southern California by Mexican parents, I’ve had my fair share of handmade tortillas so I speak from experience when I confidently say that NOTHING beats the taste of a freshly made tortilla. If I had to choose between store-bought tortillas or making them myself, scratch-made will always win. However since I’m not really into, you know, cooking, grocery store tortillas have won…until now.

Named the Keurig of Tortillas, Flatev is an “artisan tortilla maker” that uses fresh pods of commercially-made dough to produce corn or flour tortillas in under 90 seconds. Each pod cost 79 cents, while the Flatev machine will be priced at $437.

But how does it work? Hit “play” below to find out.


Interested in owning one for yourself? Flatev recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the project and they’ve already blown away their initial $50K goal. Man, I guess folks know that fresh really is the best! There’s only a week or so left to back the project so if the idea of fresh tortillas at the push of a button floats your boat, don’t delay. Now, please excuse me…I’ve got to start working on Marlo to get one for the office 😉


Posted by Christina V.