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Trading the Bentley for a ‘99 Olds

Trading the Bentley for a ‘99 Olds

In much the same way that your choice of pet speaks volumes about you as a person, so does your choice of transportation. Normal people walk, people with a death wish ride bicycles through city streets, weirdos ride Segways without any sense of irony, moms drive minivans and guys going through a midlife crisis drive sports cars. Stereotypes, yes, but mostly true.

I’ve always thought that celebrities (whose crippling self-esteem depends entirely on material possessions and the public’s perceived love for them) would drive the flashiest of cars – Aston Martins to the grocery store, Hummers with Louis Vuitton interiors to the beach and Lamborghinis to pick up the kids from school. That’s why I was beyond amused to find the following slideshow on Jalopnik, the automotive sister site to Gawker, Deadspin, Jezebel, Gizmodo and more.

Ten Celebrities with Surprising Cars

I was tickled pink with amusement to find out that High School Musical heartthrob Zac Efron tooled around LA in a ’99 Oldsmobile Alero. Even more bemused was I upon discovering that Lily Allen manned the wheel of a lime green Ford Focus. With all the cute little Minis littering the London streets, why choose an American-made hoopty?! Baffling.

Less surprising were Clint Eastwood’s GMC Typhoon and Jeremy Piven’s I’m-trying-so-hard-to-be-young-and-cool ’77 Ford Bronco.

If celebs keep driving these piece of shit cars like the rest of us, will the luxury brands like Bentley and Ferrari survive? Thank God for Kim Kardashian.

Posted by Amelia