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Have Honeymooners Gone Over the Moon?

Have Honeymooners Gone Over the Moon?

This delightfully spring-y weather is not the only sign of what’s in our climactic future. The onset of spring also means that wedding season is just around the bend. While I have yet to reach marrying age, many of my family’s friends are getting hitched. One eager couple in particular has decided to take their nuptials to the next level. They say, “Recession schmession!” (especially when they’re not the ones paying for the shindig!)

The bride, in addition to having purchased the URL of her and her hubby-to-be’s names immediately upon his proposal, has also indulged in a honeymoon registry (this is no substitute for the bridal registry, mind you!). At, couples can create their own honeymoon registry in which wedding guests pay for activities, meals, and services requested by the twosome during their newlywed getaway.

Our dear friends are jetting to Hawaii after the big day — a favorite destination of honeymooners since it became our nation’s 50th state– and they’ve registered for rounds of golf, breakfast in bed (sigh!), and snorkeling, just to name a few. (The bride has also not-so-subtly signed up for spa visits and limitless wine tastings.) All you have to do as the guest is select which activity you’d like to fund and proceed as you would a bridal registry gift.

I’m not one to deem a honeymoon registry excessive or not, but I do question whether the true spirit of a wedding has been lost amongst the milieu of gifts, gowns, and gluttony. I guess if you’re on the receiving end of the deal, however, you should just shut up and be thankful!

Posted by Liza