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Trendy Tees For All Tastes marlo marketing

Trendy Tees For All Tastes

Image Source: Bon Appétit

Band shirts – they’re cool, vintage, and have the natural ability to take almost any outfit from buttoned-up to effortless. Now, however, they have some competition for the go-to shirt to wear with jeans. Enter: the food T-shirt. As you have probably heard by now, Bon Appétit has just released an entire line of hats and tees. You can choose from the subtle and classic black on black BA logo shirt, or some sillier designs that you may only fully comprehend if you are a follower of their Test Kitchen antics (like the tribute to Brad Leone’s video series It’s Alive).

Why is this long-time publisher of the best recipes around suddenly getting into the fashion biz? It’s not exactly a new phenomenon — food and fashion have been gradually inching toward a collision for a while now. You might remember the collaboration between street-style guru, Virgil Abloh, and the very instagrammable Cha Cha Matcha that resulted in some highly coveted hoodies last year. Other restaurants hopped on the trend, from world famous Cuban restaurant, Versailles in Miami, to Chinatown Ice Cream Factory in New York City, where merch is only available in-store so those lucky enough to snag a shirt or tote can brandish it about like a badge of honor.

The food-meets-clothing trend has gone beyond just restaurants and is expanding into national brands. I’ve seen the Dunkin’ Saucony shoe, designed for the 2019 Boston Marathon, on the feet of many non-runner, street-style hypebeasts. Don’t even get me started on the Chips Ahoy ‘Cookie Rig’ that is somehow retailing for $210 (it’s basically a fanny pack for your chest that is designed to hold all your chocolate chip cookies) – I bet you didn’t even know you needed one until now!

The real question, however, is why are these food-fashion collabs becoming so popular? Well, marketing research shows that millennials are disconnected from traditional advertising, so brands have to come up with alternative ways of reaching this demographic that has a whole lot of purchasing power. So, all of this food-related street wear is actually doing double (or triple) duty: items are a new source of revenue for restaurants and brands, customers are essentially turned into moving billboards by wearing the merch, and it has the ability to attract a lot of publicity, particularly if you manage to partner with someone like Virgil Abloh. So, next time you are in your favorite restaurant or coffee shop and you see a cool T-shirt for sale, you won’t hesitate to drop the $25 knowing that you will be very on-trend.

Posted by Catherine