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True Commitment

True Commitment

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How far would you go for the guy of your dreams? For one woman in China the answer is FAR. Meet Yan Tai and her fiancé You Pan. When the couple met two years ago Yan Tai weighed in at about 100 lbs., a normal weight for a young Chinese woman. Yet, it all changed when the jealous You Pan came into her life.

Worried that other men would find Tai attractive and try to lure her away from him, Pan began feeding Tai gigantic meals and even waking her up in the middle of the night to feed her snacks in an attempt to make her gain enough weight to deter potential suitors. And luckily for both parties involved, Pan seems to have found a sleeping food addict in Tai. The young girl steadily put on 90 lbs. over the course of their two year relationship. She eventually transformed into an unrecognizable version of her former self.

Apparently this was exactly what Pan was going for. As soon as Tai reached a weight he thought was ideal, Pan was quick to put a ring on it and gave his soon-to-be bride a bouquet made entirely out of chocolates to commemorate the occasion. In addition to the bouquet, he also had friends hold up photos of all of Tai’s favorite foods that helped her put on the weight for their engagement photos (sweet guy, right?).











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Now that the two are linked for life, Pan plans to continue feeding his bride gigantic meals to help her continue to gain weight. While I respect the idea of doing anything for true love, you best believe that if my boyfriend suddenly asked me to start packing on the pounds it would be him that would have to get packing.

Posted by Gillian