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True Life: I’m Addicted to my Phone

True Life: I’m Addicted to my Phone

As they say, the first step is recognizing that you have a problem. So here we go: I am addicted to my phone. Recognized! So what?

I know it’s very common these days to be reliant on our cell phones, but I often think about just how much I (and the rest of society) rely on cellphones. We use it in the car for directions, to listen to music, to take photos, to contact friends and family, to cash checks and check credit card statements – the list goes on and on. I know it’s not just me, and I know that society has sort of pushed all of us into this black hole of reliance and addiction, but sometimes I wish it would just stop.

I first knew I had a problem during the first few weeks of my senior year at college. I was at a party (the scene of almost every phone-related crime I know of) and was asked to take a photo. I had my freshly-filled red solo cup of beer in one hand (for the record, I don’t even like beer), my phone and student ID in the other. As I maneuvered to lift the phone and snap a shot – my phone slipped out of my drunken hands, and plopped right into my cup of beer. Now, if I had been in the right (ahem) mindset, I probably would have still freaked out, but, with a few drinks in me, I had a full on meltttttttdown. I’m talking toddler status. I left the party and walked across campus alone, back to my dorm. Crying the whole way.

Any who, long story short – I walked into my room where, from my reaction, my roommate thought I had been assaulted or attacked, and proceeded to facetime my brother (who was on a date) from my computer, sobbing. Eventually, I went to bed with my poor, poor phone left it out to dry. The next day (what do you know!?) I went to Verizon and a new phone was sent to me – all was right again.

Now as concerning as this story is, I’m ashamed to admit that this reaction is not uncommon. In society today, we are so dependent on our phones that it literally feels like our world is crumbling when they are not around us. I found this article on Well + Good and think it’s something everyone should read as a reminder to separate yourself from the wild, wild world of cyber space.

And if this article doesn’t help, take a lesson from me – you do not want to be facetiming your older brother at 1am sobbing about your phone that fell in beer. There are bigger problems in this world.

Posted by Ally