What Do the Trump Board Game, Colgate Lasagna and Heinz “Green Sauce” Have in Common?

Image source TheLocal.se

Generally we don’t celebrate failure, but why is that? Doesn’t failing make us stronger? Though I don’t typically like to draw attention to my own #fails, I will gladly relish in those of others, especially if they are big name brands.

That’s why I am obsessed with the new Museum of Failure, which opened earlier this month in Sweden. The exhibition, currently presented in Swedish and English, highlights over 70 innovation failures from massive companies like Apple, Google, Sony, Coca-Cola, etc. Each product or service “provides unique insight into the risky business of innovation,” according to the museum’s website, so one can learn why these products failed.

Some of my fave items are Bic for Her (because apparently writing utensils can’t be gender neutral), the board game “Trump: I’m Back and You’re Fired” (timely), Harley Davidson cologne (which surprisingly does not smell like exhaust fumes) and Google Glass (which may be back soon enough).

If all goes my way, soon the RompHim will make an appearance in the exhibition. For now, I’m booking a flight to Helsingborg. Maybe I’ll come back with my million dollar idea!

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