Underneath the Turban

Tim Urban

You may or may not know Tim Urban from Season Six of ‘The Apprentice’ – he was the likable guy from Boston whose likability hung in the balance upon his awkwardly sincere courtship of fellow cast mate, Nicole. Cringe-inducing gestures of nationally broadcast adoration aside, he was still one of my favorites that season, and I’ve grown to like him even more since his fledgling 15 minutes through careful scrutiny of his blog, “Underneath the Turban.” Like most blogs, the main purpose of this one is to serve as a forum for the (presumably ego-centric) blogger to share his banal observations and express his trivial feelings on everyday matters – which is right up my alley!

One of my favorite of his recurring blogs themes is “19 Things I Don’t Understand” – in 19TIDU Volume 3, he waxes confusion about “How they build underwater tunnels,” “Why a train from New York to Boston costs $110,” “Twitter” and “Why Starbucks decided to call their small size ‘tall’” (Are they just being dicks? Because it doesn’t sound like an Italian word. It sounds like an English word and that they were just kind of feeling like dicks the day they named the sizes.). I implore you to check it out.

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