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Twenty Five Years of Style, Reborn! marlo marketing

Twenty Five Years of Style, Reborn!

Image Source: Ralph Lauren via Glamour

As marketers, we draw inspiration for creative ideas from so many difference places, whether it be our morning bus commute or something we read in the Times. It’s no secret that the marketing world is currently obsessed with throwbacks — in fact, we’ve written about some of the brands doing cools with nostalgia marketing right here in We’re always keeping our eyes and ears open for the latest and greatest brand comebacks, and most of the time, they are big wins.

That’s why we were so excited to see that Ralph Lauren created a Friends-inspired collection as tribute to Rachel Green, AKA Jennifer Aniston! In honor of the iconic show’s 25th Anniversary, Ralph Lauren and Bloomingdale’s “Wear To Work” line throws it back to the many memorable 90’s and 00’s trends shown through Rachel’s day-to-day style.

We can all agree that Rachel Green inspired many a wardrobe (and hair-do) back in the late 90’s, and many of the styles from that fashion era are becoming popular among millennials now.

Reminiscing on the past is one of the most overlooked ways to brainstorm for the future. It’s hard to forget Rachel Green’s unprecedented style, so Ralph Lauren, a consistent icon in the fashion world, used that to its advantage when it came time for the brand to celebrate a big anniversary. We can’t wait to shop the collection and relive all of our 90’s sitcom dreams!

Posted by Katerina