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Twilight vs. the Twilight Years: A Battle of Pathetic Generations

Twilight vs. the Twilight Years: A Battle of Pathetic Generations

Before sitting through an opening night screening of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, where I was embarrassed for my gender (female) and ashamed of my generation (born in the 80s), I caught a preview for a movie called Red, due out in October 2010. The story of a group of ex-CIA agents who are having a hard time giving up the game for the tranquil life of retirees, Red may actually be a more embarrassing movie for the baby boomer generation (my parents) than Twilight is for mine.

First up, let’s consider the cast – Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich. Yes, I love them all dearly and treasure their abilities as actors (and think Helen Mirren pulls off a bikini better than most girls in their 20s), but is it really necessary to cast a bunch of 60+ AARP members in a movie that requires them to tote machine guns and generally be a bunch of bad asses? It’s not like I think we should relegate older actors to wheelchair roles and nursing homes, but it seems a little self-indulgent of the baby boomer generation to produce a film about a group of Uzi-equipped grandparents fighting to regain the excitement of their former, younger selves. For a generation that refuses to grow up and acknowledge their impending mortality, Red is the baby boomer’s ultimate fantasy – a rejection of the halcyon days of growing old in favor of a (tragicomedic) return to the good old days.

While I suffer through a generational pox known as Twilight, is too much to ask that the baby boomer generation enjoys their twilight years in dignity?

*Update: Apparently Red is a film adaptation of a WildStorm/DC Comics miniseries. Still doesn’t change the fact that baby boomers are delusional.

Posted by Amelia