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Keeping the TwitterBoat Afloat, One Tweet at a Time

Keeping the TwitterBoat Afloat, One Tweet at a Time

I’ll be the first to admit that my belated obsession with Twitter is a little like showing up to a party at 4 a.m. with an ice luge – brilliant in theory, but not surprising when no one wants to stick around to see what happens. While the cool kids chase the Next Big Thing in social media and denounce Twitter’s relevancy, I enthusiastically forge ahead in the twitterverse, blissfully unaware of the approaching twapocalypse. Or maybe it’s just because I like adding “tw-” to the beginning of words.

Irregardless, I’ll share with you a little sampling of my favorite people to follow on Twitter. While none are curing cancer, they are keeping me mildly amused a few minutes out of each day.

@etsy – The online marketplace for all things crafty, Etsy tweets about featured designers and must-have items. The go-to source for Lady Gaga-inspired bows made out of synthetic hair.

@theclosetboston – The local consignment shop tweets its most recent acquisitions. Last week: a set of Louis Vuitton monogrammed luggage. I could practically hear the mad dash of heels within seconds of posting…

@GuilianaRancic – Yes, as in the bobblehead from E! News. Think of it as a voyeuristic peak into the life of an L.A. princess – clothes, eating disorders, excessive exercise, oh my!

@dizzyblazeberg – A fashion enigma, this guy tweets about sitting front-row next to Anna Wintour and partying with Armani on his yacht. I have absolutely no clue who this person is, but it’s nice to see what life is like on the greener, thinner, richer side of the fence.

@McCainBlogette – Equal parts vapid, vain and surprisingly germane, John McCain’s self-admitted bimbo of a daughter gets into fights with Perez Hilton and makes a daily music recommendation. In a word: entertaining.

@TFLN – Self-explanatory.

Did I leave out any luminaries? And no, I don’t mean @sevinnyne6126. That’s Lindsay Lohan, you twidiot.

Posted by Amelia