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Uber Pups Its Game

Uber Pups Its Game

Image Source BedRock Labradoodles

It’s common knowledge that puppies help any situation. Want more Instagram likes? Add a puppy to your photo. Want to seem more approachable when you’re otherwise thought of as being hard AF? Be seen with a cute K9. This isn’t rocket science people! It’s simple strategy.

And it’s a strategy that Uber, the urban dweller’s fave mode of transportation, is fully embracing with UberPuppies, a partnership with local shelters that delivers puppies right to your office! Thanks to the new service, offices that land in the “#UberPUPPIES Zone” can order 15 minutes of puppy bliss for a mere $30. They even send a shelter staff member along with adoption forms on hand JUST IN CASE.

Playtime for the puppies, playtime for the employees…everybody wins! After all, not everyone’s as #blessed to have this cutie hanging out in the office on the reg!

Posted by Iman