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Remember when Uber was first introduced and everyone thought it was kind of creepy to be driven around by complete strangers? How things have changed! My point is that ride-sharing apps are now considered a necessity for some. I can’t even remember how I ever got home from the bar without them. Public transportation? Only until around midnight here in Beantown, and slow and inefficient if you are going more than a couple of miles. Hailing a cab in the city? Ain’t nobody got time for that! (Even if you are able to flag one down on a busy night, the chances that they will scoff at you for not having cash and swerve through lanes like a maniac are ONE-HUNDO.)

But now that there are multiple ride-sharing apps to choose from (Lyft, Fasten, Wingz, and several others if you live in a metropolitan area),  Uber has got to keep the innovation coming if they want to stay at the top. A recent redesign helped. And now, a new feature called “Uber to Person” lets you request a human as a location, rather than an address.

No more back and forth texts about where to meet. With this new feature, Uber will send a message to the friend you are trying to meet asking for permission to share their location. Once the user accepts, the location is locked in for 30 minutes (AKA, your friend needs to stay at that location until you arrive). Then, the app will share your ETA with your friend and, if they have the Uber app, will update them on your location in real-time. Non-Uber users (they DO still exist) can still give permission to share their location (though they will not get updates to your location in real time).

Is it creepy if that guy from college you met once at a party and never spoke to again requests your location? Yes, a little. But, remember, the concept of Uber was creepy at one time, too.


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