Uggs? So Chic!

It’s cold. I’m over it. Blah. That’s currently how I feel about winter. I’m sick of wearing the same shoes every, single, day. I mean, I absolutely love my Bean boots – but the rest of my shoe closet is getting dusty! I want to wear my beloved Fryes without worrying about the salt destroying the leather. My Rainbows? I would be SO HAPPY if I could strut outside with my toes exposed (without worrying about frostbite).

Before I became a die-hard L.L. Bean fan, back in my high school days, I was obsessed with Uggs. I mean, who wasn’t? I never had the OG flat, light brown version, but still – they were so cozy. It was like walking on clouds. While I no longer wear them, I have very fond memories, back when I didn’t need to dress nicely, and my go-to uniform was yoga pants and an American Apparel sweatshirt.  Well, that’s why a little bit of me is envious of the new pair of Uggs that are about to hit the market – the Thigh-High Uggs.

Yes, you heard me right. Y/Project, the French fashion brand, has collaborated with Uggs to release a new, baggy thigh-high version. IT SOUNDS SO COZY. While I don’t love the super baggy look, you have to admit that slipping into a pair of those is about as close to cuddling with a cloud as you’re going to get.









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