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Un-Belize-able Trip of a Lifetime

Un-Belize-able Trip of a Lifetime

Image Source: @TravelBelize

Summer has come and gone. While many of my friends are excited and ready for fall, I still miss the hot, sunny, summer weather. If you’re like me, craving warmth and sunshine instead of pumpkin spice everything and sweater weather, you might want to consider a tropical trip – perhaps to Belize, where the average temperature hovers around 84°F. And if you’re lucky, you could have your trip sponsored by the government of Belize.

And it’s not just any ol’ vacation…. it’s a competition. The Belize Tourism Board is offering five individuals an all-expenses-paid trip to the country for its first-ever nationwide game of hide-and-seek. To promote Belize as “the perfect destination for travelers who like to hide away from it all and those seeking adventure,” the five-day game taking place in November will have four hiders in various spots around Belize and one seeker, who will have the aid of a local guide to track down the other players. The seeker wins the game if all four hiders are found. Belize, which is about the same size as the state of Massachusetts, is 60% covered by forest and has more than 450 offshore islands, making for a truly intense game of hide-and-seek. For those who aren’t lucky enough to win a place in the game, they can follow along on @TravelBelize’s Instagram stories to see how the game plays out in sites that could include the Belize Barrier Reef or Ancient Mayan Temples.

I know if I won a trip to Belize, I might stay in hiding on the beach for longer than the five days of the game…

Posted by Sylvie