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Unfortunate Ancestry

Unfortunate Ancestry

Image Source: The New York Times via Lena Mucha

Once upon a time in a sleepy German village… a Trump was born. According to the New York Times, that village is Kallstadt, where Donald Trump’s grandfather lived until he was 16. The residents of the village are, shall we say, hesitant to lay claim as the President of the United States’ ancestral village. While Trump’s distant cousins live in Kallstadt and the surrounding towns, they laud their traditional dish – pig stomach – over their tie to Donald Trump. (TBH, I’d do the same).

Jörg Dörr of the tourism office explains, saying, “We don’t use the name in any way in touristic marketing. The topic is too controversial.” As an aficionado, I have to say I hope my ancestral town of Grottaminarda in Italy is more receptive to my “homecoming” than Kallstadt.

The most interesting part of the story to me is less so that in the local dialect, Trump is pronounced “Drromps,” but the story of Donald Trump’s grandfather, Friedrich. He left Germany for the U.S. at age 16, and returned after making a fortune. The problem? Prince Regent of Bavaria wasn’t super into having him back, since he skipped out on his military service (ring a bell?). The New York Times found a letter from Friedrich begging for permission to resettle in Germany, which was denied. When Friedrich found out his and his family’s visa would expire in July 1905, he wrote “That is hard, very hard for a family.”

Hmmm… is there such a thing as pre-emptive karma?

Posted by Giana